Say Hello Diamonds Giveaway!

A fellow blogger,ELITEMAMA, did a review on ‘Say Hello Diamonds’ jewelry. Along with a review of this stunning product, there is a giveaway for a special someone to win a free pair of earrings from ‘Say Hello Diamonds’! Be sure to visit and submit your entries for a chance to win. Giveaway runs from 6/17/12-6/24/12. … Continue reading

$Money Maker$- Craigslist

I am sure we have all heard of the negative connotations that go along with Craiglists, such as the Craigslist killer, scams and having money stolen- but if you follow a few simple rules it can be a safe, easy and effective way to earn some extra cash from stuff you no longer want lying … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Giveaway by Casino Mate!

I want to keep my readers in-the-know about some awesome giveaways going on! Click on one of the links below to submit your entries to win a Kindle from Casino Mate! Enter through Casino Mate: Enter Here! Enter through Dixieland Deals Product Reviews:Enter Here!

“Tablet Time” IPad Giveaway!

As you will soon see, I participate in a lot of giveaways and I’d love to share with you the fantastic prizes we all have a chance to win! Below is a link to an IPad giveaway (or cash option of $540). Enter Here

What Kind of Name is Crouton?!

This is our adorable Chihuahua named Crouton. Whenever people ask me what his name is, I often have to repeat myself several times as it is not one of the typical dog names most people hear. Now, how did we wind up with such a name? All the credit (…or blame?) goes to my husband. … Continue reading