How Do I Get Started?

I am often asked- how did you get all this stuff for free? Is it really free? Are there hidden fees, shipping costs, etc.?

It is simple. Yes- everything on my list of wins has been 100% free. No shipping and handling costs. No paying to join a site then receiving a free gift. Everything has cost me $0 dollars.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to get you started!


  • Set up separate social media accounts (ex. facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.). If not, your friends on your personal facebook page will greatly dislike you as you clog up their news feed with all of the giveaways you are entering.
  • Set up a separate email address. Keep your personal email separate then your ‘giveaway’ email. This is my personal opinion, but I find it easier to keep things organized.
  • Set up tabs or bookmarks for your ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’ giveaways/sweepstakes. Many of them allow you to enter everyday so your changes greatly increase if you enter daily verse just one time. Simple logic.
  • Check your spam email often. I have had several wins go to my spam folder.
  • On that same note- but cautious. Any email that says that you have won $1000 dollar gift card to walmart, and then in small print says ‘participation required’ is not a legit, free and clear win. Participation required means you have to purchase some other item(s) to get the gift card offered.
  • If possible, play instant win games super late at night or super early in the morning (the 1am-6am range). You can win instant win games at anytime- but I have had my best luck playing this games during that time as well as others I have talked with. My most recent win of 20cents off a gallon of a tank of gas was won at 5:30am due to being sick and unable to sleep.


  • Set up more then one email or social media account using a separate name to try to win. It is just bad taste and isn’t fair.
  • Fill out every single giveaway you run across ‘just because’. If you do- you will be filling out giveaways 24/7 on stuff you do not really want or need-there are that many giveaways out there! I learned this early. Find giveaways that will benefit you and your family and focus on those.
  • Do not ever give out any credit card information. If asked, it is most likely a scam. I have not run into a contest yet that has asked me for my credit card number, but I have gotten some spam phone calls requesting that information.

These are the basics I have thought of so far. I will add to this the more I learn and feel free to email me at if you have any of your own to add!


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