$Money Maker$- Craigslist

I am sure we have all heard of the negative connotations that go along with Craiglists, such as the Craigslist killer, scams and having money stolen- but if you follow a few simple rules it can be a safe, easy and effective way to earn some extra cash from stuff you no longer want lying around the house!

For example, this morning I sold this camera for $75:.

Pretty good money for a 4-5 year old digital camera that we no longer use. Here are some basic tips to get a fairly good return on your household items you no longer use.

  • State why you are selling the product. The customer wants to know the reason behind the sell. If not, they will wonder if the product is broken or defective.
  • Post a picture. The customer is more inclined to consider a purchase if they can visualize all that they will be receiving.  Be sure to post a close up picture featuring all the components.
  • State that you will only accept cash! This is a crucial one as many people are scammed because they agree to accept  checks or giftcards as a form of payment. Often times, they are bad checks or expired gift cards.
  • Price your product on the high end. Most customers will always barter you down. If you start at what you want to sell the product for, you most likely will end up selling it for less then what you would like.
  • Be patient. Once you have had your product on craigslist for a week or two, decrease the product price and be sure to put ‘Reduced Price’ in the title. This catches the customers eye. This exact tip is how I sold the camera above. I honestly didn’t think I’d even receive $50 dollars for it. I started at $125 about two weeks ago and then reduced to $75.
  • Be sure to renew your product once or twice a week. This assures that your product stays toward the top of the viewing page for customers to see.
  • Always, always, always meet in a neutral place. A local grocery store, mall or restaurant that is well lit and surrounded by other people and places is ideal. The only time I have ever allowed an individual in my home was when we sold our elliptical and it needed to be picked up from our home. My  husband was present and I had spoken to the customer several times before agreeing to meet at our house.

Other items I have sold via Craiglists include an elliptical, computer games, an old laptop and workout dvd’s.

Take inventory of your household. What items do you no longer use that can be ‘money makers’?

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at croutonscorner@yahoo.com


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