What Kind of Name is Crouton?!

This is our adorable Chihuahua named Crouton. Whenever people ask me what his name is, I often have to repeat myself several times as it is not one of the typical dog names most people hear.

Now, how did we wind up with such a name? All the credit (…or blame?) goes to my husband. For those who know my husband in real life know that he is no boring individual. He is wacky, creative and sometimes a fight-the-system individual. So when I suggested what I felt were sensible names, such as Toto or Buddy, they just weren’t unusual enough. So after scouring the internet for creative dog names, I laughed when I stumbled upon ‘Crouton’ and shared with my husband what a ridiculous name it would be- but my husband loved it. Since my husband was doing a genuine act of love to let me get a puppy in the first place (he is was not an animal person) I decided to go ahead and let the poor dog be named Crouton- and it has stuck ever since.


And for those who were wondering, yes, my husband as become a head over heels dog lover just like me. It really is quite cute.


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